What are the main applications of acupuncture?



What are the main applications of acupuncture?

  1. Musculoskeletal ailments‚ tension and pain in the back, lameness‚ insubordination to rider's signals
  2. Functional and vegetative disturbances, chronic respiratory ailments, chronic diarrhoea, tendency to colic, summer eczema‚ seasonal drop in performance‚ loss of appetite‚ headshaker syndrome; gynaecological problems in mares, including infertility, birth complications and abortion, and in stallions also disinclination to mate, low sperm quality. 

The effect of acupuncture from the point of view of traditional chinese medicine

 Acupuncture is a so-called regulatory treatment. The Chinese conceive of illness as being caused by disturbances in an organism's energy balance. The purpose of acupuncture is to resolve and relieve these imbalances and energy obstructions, and thus effect healing. No distinction is drawn between physical and psychological conditions, rather diagnosis is based on both components as a whole. Obstructions to the flow of energy can be caused by a force acting from outside, overexertion, excess or unequal strain, and insufficient exercise, as well as neural factors. If such energy obstructions remain unrecognised and unresolved for any length of time, they can lead to pathological and anatomical changes, such as arthrosis. The application of acupuncture can only be successful if traditional Chinese terms, such as Yin, Yang, Qi, and the 5 phases of personal evolution are learned and properly employed for diagnostic purposes. As with conventional medicine, every examination must adhere to a prescribed format, which must be followed in its entirety for every patient.